Medical Devices

Standard heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment cannot provide the precise conditions necessary for Medical device manufacturing in clean room environments with strict requirements for atmospheric control. Humidity is controlled in these environments for moisture sensitive materials and processes and to eliminate static and to suppress dust and airborne particles.



Manufacturing processes can often produce excess heat. Not only can this have a negative impact on the efficiency and productivity of staff, but also on the quality of raw materials or finished goods throughout the process. Investing in the right air conditioning equipment in the right spot could lead to increased productivity and quality work.

Data Center

Data Centers generate huge amounts of heat, so it is incredibly important to ensure that temperatures remain stable and controlled. Most businesses rely on their Data Centers for everything from emails to confidential client data and should the systems fail, it could lead to potentially devastating consequences. An effective air conditioning system can play an important role in keeping equipments run smoothly.

data center


High temperatures can have a devastating impact in the healthcare sector and lead to a number of issues, including the increased risk and faster spread of infection, increased recovery times and greater numbers of absent staff. Keeping staff and patients comfortable will not only improve morale, but could save lives.

Leisure Center

Classic Air has a wealth of expertise in the leisure sector which spans several decades, enjoying a healthy relationship with a wide mix of customers in this sector. All of our leisure customers have one aim; to offer their customers a healthy, happy experience.

Our leisure customers comprise gymnasiums, swimming pools, golf clubs and many more.

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